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Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Programs and Advising

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Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor

B.A., Rice University
M.S., Cornell University
Ph.D., Cornell University

I received the B.A. in biology from Rice University, and the M.S. in ecology at Cornell University. I worked as a field ecologist in industry before my doctoral work. I received my Ph.D. in evolutionary biology from Cornell University in 1983, with a dissertation on the history of debates amongst evolutionists over Darwinian explanations of animals' mimetic coloration. I was a National Science Foundation NATO Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Leeds, investigating the history of genetics and ecology in twentieth century Britain. I came to NCSU in 1986.



My research interest is the history of evolutionary ideas, with an emphasis on natural history, ecology, genetics, and behavior. I have published historical articles in the Journal of the History of Biology and in science journals such as American Zoologist. My latest piece is an essay review of the history of the infanticide controversy in primatology (Annals of Science, 2012).  For the Darwin centennial in 1982, I contributed to Dimensions of Darwinism (1983). I have published reviews in British Journal for the History of Science, Isis, Journal of the History of Biology, Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Configurations, Metascience, North Carolina Historical Review, and American Scientist. I have articles in several professional encyclopedias, including the Dictionary of Scientific Biography and Sciences of the Earth. I am currently completing a book on how Charles Darwin has been used as a symbol of science and the idea of evolution.

If you'd like to hear a short discussion about Darwin and science, listen to the interview on WKNC (sorry, musical selections deleted).



I teach courses on the history of biology (HI 481: History of the Life Sciences) and on the history of Darwinism (HI 482/582: Darwinism in Science & Society), and the history of science survey course (HI 322: Rise of Modern Science). I am a core faculty member in the interdisciplinary  W. M. Keck Center for Behavioral Biology.  With colleagues in the department of Biology, I periodically teach a reading course for grad students on Darwin.  I have also taught in the graduate MALS program, and served on its advisory committee.

I am the Director of  the Jefferson Scholars, a program for students taking a degree in both the College of Humanities & Social Sciences and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. I serve as faculty mentor for the Jefferson Scholars, and teach an Honors seminar course on the history of biology for them. 

In May 2001, I was named Outstanding Teacher of the Year by the College of Humanities & Social Sciences, and inducted into the NC State Academy of Outstanding Teachers.

In May 2006, I was named Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor.



Professor Kimler accepts graduate students working on topics related to nineteenth- and twentieth-century history of science, especially history of biology or medicine.

Graduate Advisees

Recent Work & Publications

  • “Mimicry: Views of naturalists and ecologists before the Modern Synthesis..” in Dimensions of Darwinism, ed. Marjorie Grene (Cambridge University Press, 1983) pp. 97-127
  • “Henry Walter Bates.” in Evolution: The First Four Billion Years, ed. Michael Ruse and James Travis (Harvard University Press, 2009) pp. 444-47
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  • “Comments on \'Re: Design\' by Craig Baxter.” Premiere: \'Re: Design\'. University Theatre. (November, 2009)
  • “The Genius of Charles Darwin: From Natural History to a New Biology.” Friends of the Arboretum Lecture. JC Raulston Arboretum. (May, 2009)
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  • “What Science Studies Has to Say about the Creationism-Evolution Debate.” Seminar, Division of Biological Sciences. Clemson University. (August, 2008)
  • “Darwin the Botanist.” Darwin Day. NC Botanical Garden. (February, 2008)
  • “Charles Darwin and the Image of ‘Genius’.” Darwin Day. Keck Center for Behavioral Biology at NC State. (February, 2007)

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