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Cemetery Field Salisbury

The size of the National Cemetery at Salisbury is impressive. The space has recently been expanded to allow four hundred more graves for veterans. This image shows the many people who had been buried at Salisbury since the Spanish American War and…

Federal Monument side label

The side panel for the Federal Monument describes the purpose of the memorial to "the memory of the unknown union soldiers who died in the confederate prison at Salisbury, NC."

Salisbury National Cemetery Gate

The gate to the National Cemetery is wrought iron and imposing.

Robert Drummond portrait

Robert Drummond was a prisoner at Salisbury prison and published a popular memoir after the war and went on numerous speaking tours. His portrait was taken several years after the war in 1872 by an unknown photographer.

Salisbury trenches

At Salisbury the dead were too numerous for Confederates to provide individual graves, and instead dumped the bodies into eighteen trenches. These trenches were heavily contested after the war as how many bodies were actually inside.

Grave to Edward Hood, Salisbury National Cemetery

Edward Hood was a private during the Second World War, his grave is an example of how commemoration changed during the World Wars. Instead of saying what state he was from, the grave describes what branch of the military he served in. National trumps…

Grave to Richard McConville Jr., Salisbury National Cemetery

One of many contemporary graves, McConville's grave is part of the larger life of Salisbury National Cemetery. McConville was killed in the early years of Operation Iraqi Freedom and represents the staying power of the National Cemetery in American…

Federal Monument, Front Panel, Salisbury National Cemetery

Main panel of the Federal Monument describing the impossible number of Salisbury prison dead.

Federal Monument, Salisbury National Cemetery

The largest memorial in Salisbury National Cemetery, the Federal Monument was built to honor the unknown dead of Salisbury prison. Paid for in 1873 the monument had the incredibly high claim of 11,700 dead which was done without accurate archaeology…

Maine Monument, Salisbury National Cemetery

Built in 1909 the Maine Monument was created to honor the Maine soldiers who died in Salisbury prison during the Civil War. Paid for by the Maine state legislature.