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Amnesty Petition of W. D. Jones, September 21, 1865

Caldwell Co. NC

To Andrew Johnson President of the US

The Petition of the undersigned W. D. Jones respectfully showeth that he is a citizen of Caldwell County North Carolina forty six years old and a farmer by profession desires to apply for a…

Amnesty Petition of Thomas Bragg, August 15, 1865

"In and by the Proclamation of our Excellency of the 29th of May last certain classes of persons are specially excluded from the amnesty therein granted. Two of these exceptions may be supposed to apply to you petitioner. The fourth 'All who left…

Amnesty Petition of R. L. Abernathy, July 13, 1865

Burke Co., N.C.,
July 13th, 1865
To His Excellency

Andrew Johnson

Amnesty Petition of John Newland Maffitt, June 1, 1867

Wilmington N.C.
June 1st 1867

To his Excellency
Andrew Johnson President of the United States

The petition of John N Maffitt of North Carolina for pardon under the Proclamation of your Excellency of May 1865 respectfully represents that he is…

Amnesty Petition of David Schenck, May 14, 1866

To His Excellency, Andrew Johnson, President of the United States of America. David Schenck, a citizen residing in Lincolnton, Lincoln Country; State of North Carolina shows to your Excellency that his property is [liable?] to confiscation by…

Letters on Female Character, Addressed to a Young Lady, on the Death of Her Mother by Virginia Randolph Cary, 1828

Letters on a Female Character by Virginia Randolph Cary, published in 1828, praised the ideals of the domestic sphere. Women, according to Cary, should depend on a male protection. Citing scripture Cary states women was “formed from man”…


Confederate Women's Monument (1914)

To the North Carolina Women of the Confederacy

"Under Which Flag?," News and Observer, November 1, 1889

The cartoon “Under Which Flag” emphasizes the importance race and gender played in the post-war South. The cartoon depicted two candidates with their flags and platforms. The white flag has the white rule platform promising good government,…

Carrie Bell Sinclair, "The Homespun Dress," 1862

The Homespun Dress
Oh! yes, I am a Southern girl, and glory in the name,
And boast it with far greater pride than glittering wealth or fame.
We envy not the Northern girl, her robes of beauties rare,
Though diamonds grace her snowy neck, and…

"The Life and Age of Woman. Stages of Woman's Life From the Cradle to the Grave" Kelloggs and Comstock, 1849

The lithograph “The Life & Age of Woman” portrays a woman’s life in the domestic sphere. It begins with a baby girl in a cradle. As the girl grows, she plays with a doll to prepare for her future as a mother. The adolescent girl holds a rose…