1975 Administrative Conference

     Although university administrators expressed their displeasure in what they considered an unsuccessful meeting with students at the Quail Roost meeting in February 1974, administrators planned another race relations seminar for themselves the following year. Sponsored by Urban Crisis, the February 1975 conference at Quail Roost focused on defining racism and the causes of “black frustration,” creating “a better racial atmosphere,” and the recruitment of “blacks and minority individuals.” In his January 13 memorandum to various NC State deans and professors, Chancellor Caldwell declared, North Carolina State University “still faces the challenges of increasing the opportunities for racial stability and understanding. The central administration here is totally committed to developing still further an environment of human understanding free from racial prejudice.” This conference demonstrated that university administrators were aware of the continued racial problems on campus and that they were working to solve various issues. However, Caldwell’s memo also indicates that university administrators identified “black frustration” as a campus issue instead of describing specific complaints from African Americans as problems. This is problematic because it seems as if the conference sought to sooth students’ complaints instead of solving the issues. The success of the 1975 administrative conference is unclear, however university officials’ attempts to address African American integration suggests administrators wanted to present a good faith effort to improving campus life for all students.