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In this photograph one State's Mate is giving a musical performance for her talent in the Mrs. NC State beauty pageant.

This State's Mate posed for the camera in blackface backstage, before the start of the 1960 State's Mates minstrel show.

This photograph of Betty Marcum, Mrs. NC State for 1965, was originally printed in The Raleigh Times.

Joe Hill's article (probably from The Technician) discusses not only the winner of the 1967 pageant, Paula Miller, but also the pageant itself. Hill criticizes the pageant for its lack of a swim suit competition, but praises its patriotic sentiment.

This article discusses the winner of the 1967 Mrs. NC State contest, Paula Miller.

Mary Jo Cashion's article discusses the winner of the 1964 Mrs. NC State beauty pageant, Paula Miller.

This article discusses the upcoming 1967 Mrs. NC State beauty pageant and its contestants.

Brenda Whicker's report on the 1964 Mrs. NC State contest demonstrates the amount of effort and planning that went into the annual beauty pageant. The report thanks volunteers for their assistance with various tasks; names the contestants, finalists,…

This list of prizes for the 1964 Mrs. NC State beauty pageant shows the extent to which State's Mates was able to get support from local merchants. All participants received at least one prize; high-placing contestants received sets of prizes.

This document contains speaking notes for a State's Mates member announcing the new nomination process for the Mrs. North Carolina State pageant.