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Pictured are the NC State football coaches and captain for the 1936 season, with Heartley Anderson on the far left.

By Ralph Brimmley:
Would you all like to know or have facts or suggestions on how you could get proof that there has been practically no sense of enforcing the Graham Plan this year? Would you all like the facts that the morals of our present Stateā€¦

Alumnus Parker Rand wrote to Dr. Graham about the football situation at NC State and expectations of football coaches.

C.W. Hodges, NC State alumnus, wrote Dean Harrelson to express his opinion on the football situation at NC State. He advocates retaining Coach Anderson.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Highsmith wrote Graham expressing his concern about profanity among college sports, the attitude of coaches, and the educational role athletics should play on campus

Leon Cook, a professor of education at NC State College, wrote Dr. Graham to emphasize the importance that should be placed on coaches' moral character