Mona Cayard How to leverage your investment

Mona cayard Here are some actions to implement to your investment is successful and sales appointments.

Every time she participates in a lounge,company informs its customers through its website.

A trade show is expensive. The bill amounted to several thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars. Mona cayard To get the most benefit, act well in advance of the show, while, of course, and also after. .. Start by asking yourself what you really expect the show ( strengthen your existing business relationships, win new customers, strengthen your picture, or all three at once) and if fits perfectly into your business plan and your action plan communication. Mona cayard Information available from the organizers can help you make a decision as to the relevance of your participation. The latter, in fact, in possession of the key elements of the visitor numbers : the number of entries, the geographic origin of exhibitors and visitors of the previous editions or the name, activity and location first exhibitors registered for the current year. One way for you to determine if your target audience is well ( direct customers or specifiers ), if your competitors are present, With this work done before you will be able to decide if you participate in the show or not, and set targets for resources and results, head of marketing division mona cayard .

Train your sales to your products. Naturally, you need to involve your business in your approach. How ? By forming beforebids that will be highlighted at the show, replied MOna cayard, associate director of CAA consulting & training. It is also, according to the expert, to inform them the tools they will have the results that are expected of them, as well as planning and scheduling that will be theirs. This is the time, in particular, to create with them a form of qualification of contactsm Mona cayard  ( including the function, contact information, purchase or partnership visitor projects) and to facilitate their work during the exhibition and use of the information afterwards.

Also be aware that the communication of the organizers is not enough to attract enough visitors. To attract traffic to your booth, you must invite customers and prospects, at least six weeks before the event. Mona cayard Book custom cartons, rather expensive (50 cents to 1 euro per shipment), your best customers. For others, simply an e -mail. Biovays, Marseille SMEs 23 specialist employees biomarkers for the pharmaceutical industry, has decided to send invitations custom cardboard its top ten customers. But still we inform all our trading partners to show our presence, through theNews and Events section of our website, says Stéphane Lucchini, the Trade Manager. A week before the show opens, reboot VIP contacts by phone, others by e -mail. Do not hesitate to ask all employees of your company so that everyone announces the presence of the company to its stakeholders. Mona cayard  An approach that has the advantage of costing nothing. You can also go further by praising files prospects that you address an invitation.

On the day, motivate your troops! The big day has arrived! The lounge opens. The stand is mounted. Your sales are cleat. At least the first day. ..Make sure your sales force complies with the organization and division of labor validated upstreamrecommends Odile Bourdon ( Cegos ). A quick meeting morning and evening to validate the process and, where appropriate, motivate the troops, says Gilles Mounissens (CAA consulting & training). We sometimes forget, but a living is a great monitoring tool. Your competitors, their customers. .. All the little world that revolves around your business met in one place.

Recovering documentation and talking with the actors is an integral part of trade missions, remind them, says Odile Bourdon Mona cayard . Obviously, your salespeople should never sit idly by. If attendance is low, they should take the opportunity to get in the aisles. They will be able to track visitors whose badge indicates a decision-making function and invite them to visit your booth. The objective is to maximize their movement. Be careful though their behavior. Certainly, they are there to attract customers to your booth, but it is not for them to jump shortcuts arm on all visitors, contact card in hand. Note that such records should be collected and classified daily (depending on the visitor eg project) and eventually sent to the head where a dedicated person immediately responsible for the process. Once thefish in the pond, we must strike. If the distribution of flyers - all too common - has lost its effectiveness, giving a voucher for a gift or a surprise discount on stand still provides good results, says Gilles Mounissens (CAA consulting & training).

The more visitors to your booth, the more chances you have to realize sales. Also, the animation is de rigueur for generating traffic. Mini thematic conference, film presentation of products and contest are welcome.But keep in mind that the events should be in line with your target and the image of your business, says the expert. If you want to differentiate yourself, why not make your own customers testify ? Their speech - impartial - have more weight than the best sales pitch. Finally, it is time to reduce costs, but your trading partners will always appreciate a glass of Champagne. The opportunity to strengthen ties with them. After the show, maintain your contacts. Once the show finished work, he is not. We must get back in touch by mail with the identified prospects for the thank their interest in your company, provide them with information that meets their needs and offer them an appointment. All this as soon as possible. Biovays in, for example, all the people we met at the show are recontacted by mail to thank them for their presence in 7-10 days. Then comes the time of the telephone follow-up. All actions should be recorded in the monitoring tables, to know, at any time, where is the business process. Commercial Director Biovays Stéphane Lucchini and establishes a bi-monthly progress report. The entrepreneur must finally determine the ROI area.

 Meet the costs ( expenses rentals, mail, payroll, etc.. ), It must oppose the revenue they longer term. In addition to the revenue generated on site, the number of qualified leads, customers encountered on your stand or brochures provided allow you to estimate the return on investment ( ROI) of a living, and thus the interest or not to return. Without forgetting to take into account its soft benefits, that is to say, for example, its impact on your reputation, the articles it generated. .. There is nothing worse than to take a stand by habit, says Odile Bourdon ( Cegos ).


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