Dual Degree Program with School of Information and Library Science, UNC-CH

This program was created in response to todays marketplace demands that archivists, manuscript curators, and records managers have both historical knowledge and advanced information management skills. The new archival workforce must be able to appraise and describe historical records, as well as create internet sites and preserve electronic documents. The dual degree with UNC SILS allows students to "double count" up to 12 credit hours across degrees. Students may count two UNC SILS courses towards the NCSU degree; and they may count two NCSU courses towards the UNC SILS degree. This allows the student to earn an M.A. in Public History and an M.S. in Information and Library Sciences in 72 credit hours rather than the 84 credit hours it would require if pursued independently.

Students must apply and be admitted to each graduate program separately, identifing their interest in the dual degree prior to admission. Once the student is admitted into both programs, one of the admissions needs to be deferred for twelve to eighteen months, depending upon the overall plan. Applicants must confer with the program directors to arrange for deferred admission and plan appropriate and efficient courses of study. If a student accepts an assistantship from NCSU, the student MUST complete work at NCSU before entering the UNC program. Although students may be matriculated in only one program at a time, that does not mean that they may not take courses in the other school or department during that period, although all course planning should be done in consultation with the program directors.

In some cases, students may enter a program and learn of, or gain interest in, the dual degree program during their first year. In such cases, the matriculated student would apply for admission in the other program, informing the registrar and both program directors at the time of application. For more information on the UNC SILS program, click here.