Petros Apostolopoulos


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Office: Withers 364

Office Hours: Thursdays,12-2:00PM

Phone: 919-513-2236


Petros Apostolopoulos joined NC State History Department in 2018 and is a PhD candidate in the Public History Program. Petros has a Bachelor degree in History from the University of Athens, a Master (MPhil) in Modern Greek History from the same university and a Master (MA) in History from Vrije Universiteit  Amsterdam.

Teaching and Research Interests

His research interests focus on Public Memory and Digital History. His PhD project examines the production of Historical Culture on Wikipedia.


BA in History from University of Athens (2014)

MPhil in History from University of Athens (2016)

MA in History from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (2017)


Petros Apostolopoulos, “The Affective Historical Knowledge Practices on Wikipedia,” ERIS: VU Journal for Humanities Issue 2: Challenging the Status Quo (2018): 21-34.