Brent S. Sirota

Associate ProfessorDirector of Graduate Programs

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Teaching and Research Interests

Dr. Brent S. Sirota specializes in the religious and political history of Great Britain and the wider British world in the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. He received an MA in Religious Studies in 2001, and a Ph.D. in History in 2007, both from the University of Chicago. He has taught in the Department of History at North Carolina State University since 2007. Dr. Sirota has written a number of articles and book chapters on the history and politics of the Church of England in the decades before and after the Glorious Revolution of 1688-1689. His first book, The Christian Monitors: The Church of England and the Age of Benevolence, 1680-1730 was published by Yale University Press in 2014.

In the academic year 2009-10, Sirota was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Institute for Historical Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. In 2014-15, he held a National Endowment for the Humanities fellowship at the Huntington Library in San Marino, CA.

Sirota is currently at work on two book projects. The first is a study of the sacred and secularization in eighteenth-century Great Britain. The second is a study of Bible Societies in Great Britain and the British world, ca. 1800-1848. He is also currently co-editing a volume of essays on the politics of the Hanoverian Succession of 1714 in Great Britain and the British empire.

Sirota teaches courses on British history, British political thought, Tudor-Stuart England, church and state relations in European history, European state formation, and historiography and historical methods.



The Christian Monitors: The Church of England and the Age of Benevolence, 1680-1730 (Yale University Press, 2014)

Journal Articles

“Robert Nelson’s Festivals and Fasts and the Problem of the Sacred in Early Eighteenth-Century England,” Church History: Studies in Christianity  84, 2 (forthcoming, September 2015)

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Book Chapters

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Online Articles

“1714, A Glimpse of Secularity: The Church and the Hanoverian Succession,” Australian Broadcasting Company: Religion and Ethics (July 2014)

“The First Big Society: Eighteenth-Century Britain’s Age of Benevolence,” Australian Broadcasting Company: Religion and Ethics (Jan. 2014)

Book Reviews 

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