Ryan Lenzmeier

Picture of Ryan Lenzmeier


I am pursuing my MA in history. I study early modern European history generally, with a focus on eighteenth century French history more specifically.  Geographically, I also have an affinity for Northern France and French Flanders as I spent a summer studying French language and culture in Lille. Specific research topics include the history of Atlantic piracy, smuggling in France, gender in early modern Europe, the history of tobacco and its consumption, and the history of violence.


My research for my thesis focuses on tobacco smuggling and consumption in Northern France. By investigating how the French crown and its representatives responded to the incursions of smugglers and the distribution of smuggled goods, particularly tobacco, I hope to trace and elucidate some of the social and economic changes occuring in eighteenth century France. 


“The Lieutenant Nun: Violence and Gender in Early Seventeenth Century Latin America” at the 2017 NCSU Graduate History Conference

“A Threat to Civilization: Portrayals of Germany in American Military Propaganda Posters 1917-1918.” at the 2016 Phi Alpha Theta Undergraduate History Conference

”A Short Life and a Merry One: British Sailors’ Reasons to Engage in Early Eighteenth Century Piracy” at the 2015 UNC-W Undergraduate Research Showcase


  • B.A. in History, European Studies minor from University of North Carolina-Wilmington, 2016