Highlighted Courses for Spring 2023

For a full list of courses offered by the Department of History in Spring 2023, visit this link.

Introduction to History of South and East Africa

An introduction to the history of East and South Africa, from ancient times to the present. Topics include ancient Egypt and Nubia; medieval kingdoms (Ethiopia; Great Zimbabwe); Africa's place in global history; European colonization and African response; African nationalism and independence movements.

Course ID: HI 275
Course Fulfills: GEP Global Knowledge. GEP Humanities
Professor: Kim Bowler

Frauds and Mysteries of the Past

Frauds & Mysteries of the Past covers myths, mysteries, misconceptions, and hoaxes in history and archaeology. Students examine popular fascinations with the past, fallacies invoked in historical myths, examples of historical malfeasance, and misappropriations of the past. Students learn about and implement methods and evidence used by scholars to interpret past peoples and events including: logic, skepticism, critical thinking, and interpretative, and analytical skills. Students apply these skills in discussions, in-class activities, and creative assignments to debunk and disprove inaccurate and problematic claims about the past. Potential topics to be covered include problematic claims about "Ancient aliens," Atlantis, mythical beasts, pyramid alignment, the mythologized American West, the Melting Pot myth, Hollywood’s historical dalliances, stereotypes about early humans, conspiracy theories, and art fakes and forgeries.

Course ID: HI 305
Course Fulfills: GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives, GEP Humanities
Professor: Steven Lechner

U.S. Naval History

The creation, evolution, and impact of the U.S. Navy both domestically and globally. The course will cover aspects of U.S. Naval history related to society, warfare, culture, technology, and environment. In addition to these aspects of US Naval history, the course will examine the role of institutions serving as public access points for U.S. Naval history- museums, media, art and movies, in shaping public understanding of the Navy and its mission in American society, imagined and actual.

Course ID: HI 351
Course Fulfills: GEP Humanities
Professor: Jason Boan

History of Nonprofits, Philanthropy, and Social Change

The History of Nonprofits, Philanthropy, and Social Movements explores the historical development of nonprofits and philanthropy in the United States from the colonial period to the present. Topics covered include the origins of charity and philanthropy as concepts for social change and social justice, the rise of benevolent societies in the nineteenth century, the creation of philanthropic foundations and advocacy organizations in the twentieth century, and the construction of complex relationships between modern nonprofits, the state, and the private sector. The course also explores intersections of race, gender, class, religion, and geography, historical links between nonprofits and the social sciences, and nonprofits as factors in U.S. domestic and foreign policy. Students will use their “historical thinking and doing skills” to benefit a nonprofit partner in the community.

Course ID: HI 380
Course Fulfills: GEP Humanities
Professor: Steven Lechner

Introduction to Museum Studies

This introductory museum studies course introduces students to art and history museums and their curating practices in a global context. Classes will discuss the social, cultural, and political positions of museums, the evolution of its function, the different theories and practices of display, the act of collecting, the position and role of the visitor, the role of the curator, cross-cultural connections and conversations, digital museums, and public collaboration. Students will gain hands-on experience working on collaborative projects with the Gregg Museum to learn how museums produce, interpret, and exhibit knowledge. This course will also explore the ways in which history, objects, geography, cultural difference, and social hierarchies intersect within museums and their exhibitions.

Course ID: HI 386
Course Fulfills: GEP Humanities
Professor: Mandy-Paige Lovingood