Bachelor of Science

The importance of science and technology in our society makes a background in science and technology valuable — even for humanities majors. The Bachelor of Science degree offers a way for students to get both the analytical and writing skills that come from a history major and the technical proficiency that comes with coursework in science and engineering. This degree is particularly well suited for students transferring into history from a science or engineering major, as courses taken for the original major can count toward the History degree. It allows students to integrate a broad base in science and math with a history education. This combination is very helpful in a wide variety of careers, including law, business and public policy.

Core History Courses

  • Four introductory history courses to satisfy requirements for geographical breadth, with a course in each of four groups: world history, history of Asia or Africa or Latin America, European history, and American history. This also satisfies the College requirements for general education in history.
  • The Sophomore Seminar (HI 300) – A course to introduce the methods and skills of historical research and writing. Advised to be taken before any advanced electives.
  • The Senior Seminar (HI 491) – A small seminar as a capstone research and writing experience for seniors. We offer a variety of focused topics each semester.
  • The four remaining courses in the major must be beyond introductory (200) level, with at least three courses (for students entering as of 2018) being Advanced Electives (400-level classes). Students may choose any topics, and perhaps build a focus of study with their selections.

Advanced Sciences/Technology Concentration

In consultation with your adviser, select fifteen credit hours of science, engineering, and/or math courses with a particular focus. The Concentration can also be fulfilled by a Minor or a second major in a STEM discipline.

General Education

  • History majors satisfy the College’s general education requirements and the University General Education Program. Discuss your requirements and selections with your adviser.
  • Complete list of degree requirements (search under Humanities & Social Sciences)
  • Typical 8-semester plan of study