NC State’s Department of History provides a stellar learning environment. Whether you’ve always had a passion for history or you want to hone your critical thinking, writing and research skills, explore the past and envision the future in the Department of History.


Diverse Studies

From Roman archaeology to Medieval Europe to the modern Mid-East, from pre-Columbian culture and Native American history to recent American foreign policy. Study past societies and their religions, commerce, empires, agriculture, environments, and politics. NC State covers the world’s regions as well as the interactions among Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

Faculty Research


World-Renowned Faculty

Professor Akram Khater’s work in Lebanese history led to creation of the Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies, which is the first privately funded center at NC State.

Faculty and Fields of Study

Top-Notch Students

Our students are truly exceptional. They excel in the classroom; they contribute to the local community; they participate in study abroad; and they engage in meaningful historical research. History students at NC State welcome a challenging curriculum that gives them an opportunity to take their first engaging seminar course in their sophomore year, select from a variety of ancient and modern areas of study, and finish with a senior capstone seminar that explores modern, dynamic topics and helps prepare them to apply their studies after graduation.

Outstanding Alumni

Graduates of our program make us proud. They become teachers in the classroom, lawyers, instructors at local community colleges, entrepreneurs, professors at prestigious universities, museum curators, and much more. Our graduates are critical thinkers –  analytical, deeply aware people who thrive on research. They know how to analyze cause and effect, and have a keen understanding of a changing world. The skills learned studying history – thinking, listening, writing, and debating – open up new possibilities.

History and Your Future