Shima Hosseininasab


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Office: Withers 462

Office Hours: Thursdays 1:30-3:30pm

Phone: 919-513-2218



Shima Hosseininasab is a 1st year Ph.D. student in Public History at North Carolina State University. She is an architectural historian, and her main research focus is on heritage and tourism in cities, particularly as it relates to the built environment. She is interested in exploring the interaction among architecture, heritage tourism, and sociocultural sustainability.

In her recent paper, Shima has worked on the issues and challenges of cultural tourism in Saint-Petersburg. Additionally, she was engaged with designing a courtyard with the approach of cultural sustainability for her master thesis.

Shima also enjoys learning history through traveling. She has traveled to various places to explore their architecture, history and culture. Her passion in these areas led her to be fluent in several languages as Persian, English, Azeri and Turkish and she is familiar with French and Arabic as well.

Teaching and Research Interests

Culture, Society and Space

Heritage Studies and Cultural Tourism

Sociocultural Durability and Sustainability

Contemporary Cultural Politics


BA  Architectural Engineering from Islamic Azad University (IAUCTB)  (2015) 

MA  Architectural Engineering from University of Tehran (2018)